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Step into the metaverse

An active company that invests and develops across the metaverses’ ecosystem

A Diversified Portfolio of NFTs and Digital Assets across different metaverses and P2E games

A Full-Stack NFT and Metaverse Assets development Studio

An Early player with few competitors in a Trillion Dollar Industry

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We believe that the metaverse will become the evolution of the web as we know it. A place where we will work, play, earn, learn, entertain and much more. Leveraging blockchain technology those places will become distributed communities, with each one contributing to the evolution. Helm, as the name might suggest, wants to guide companies and investors in this galaxy which is evolving day by day. With our knowledge and expertise in the various fields related to the metaverse, we want to give investors and clients peace of mind when entering the metaverse having helm at their side. We will allow anyone to join the metaverse


Become one of the most active players in the metaverse galaxy. A gateway to the metaverse for companies and investors. The Company will be focused on acquiring, managing, developing, renting and selling digital parcels and NFTs across various crypto-based metaverses. By employing a unique combination of experience and knowledge in the field of finance, cryptocurrency, projects development and programming, the company will seek to become one of the biggest holding and innovation hub across the metaverse ecosystems.