We have a vast portfolio of assets across many metaverses giving our investors exposure to the place where the real action takes place. We can also help our clients build a well balanced and diversified portfolio of estates across the major metaverses.

Build & Manage

With our help our clients can build whatever they are able to dream of in the metaverse.
Our studio and partners will help your creation come true.


Our Studio helps Artists, Architects, 3D Modelers and Creators to enter the Metaverse. Do you want to publish your creation in the Sandbox ? Do you want to show your building in Decentraland ? Do you want to create your first NFT collection ? We’ve got you covered.

Rent and Buy

We have the tool to let you invest in the best properties around the various metaverses, no matter if you want to build the headquarter of your dreams or just want to rent a corner to show your products, our team is here to help you out.

Enter The Metaverse

Are you a Company and would like to enter the metaverse but don’t know how? Do you have a store and want to sell your products in the metaverse ? Do you have a brand and establish your presence in the metaverse ? Want to get exposure to the real Metaverse ? Look no further.